Heading Out

We left First Water Trailhead at 10a.m. and rode the Second Water trail into Garden Valley, where we took a short break and talked about the Indian ruins in the area.


Start of trip into Superstion Wilderness


From here, we rode up and over Black Mesa and through the Cholla forest before dropping down into Brush Corral. We tied up the horses and ate our lunches as we listened to Ron describe his long search for Gold in the Superstition Mountains. The scenery was beautiful and we could not have asked for a nicer spring day.

After lunch, we packed up and headed back to camp by way of the Dutchman’s Trail. Camp was a welcome site that first day back as we settled in and prepared for supper. Jayne served us a wonderful meal after which we enjoyed talking with Ron and Milton around the campfire about their quest for the gold and the legends of the mountains.

Brush Corral


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