Updates to the Lost Dutchman Goldmine Website

Latest Updates August 2018

Updates on the Lost Dutchman Web Site

The site’s software was recently revised and some of the features were temporarily lost and others are being revised.

Below are a few of the updates:

The site has received sponsorship for the coming year and in that vein the request for donations has been removed.

Advertising will not be required and therefore will not appear on the site.

The software is much faster.

The search function has been limited since implementation of the new software. It is now working and all nine of the forum’s can be searched.

Images can now be added directly into posts without the use of photo hosting services like photo bucket, etc. The links from these hosting services are sometimes lost and the original posts are corrupted.

There will be a few additional updates that will restore some of the old web site features and perhaps some new additions.